Frequently asked questions of the booking system

1. Do I need to register?

Yes, if you want to book a court you need to register. The schedule can be browsed without registering.

2. Can I use the same credentials that I had in the old booking system?

The old credentials will not work in the new booking system.

3. I had unused credits in the old system. Will I get them back?

The credits will be transferred automatically, if you will register with the same email address you used in the old system. Credits can be seen the following morning after you registered. If you register with a different email address or if you have other questions related to the credits, you can contact us using the contact form found in Personal info section of the new booking system.

4. Do I need to pay the court before hand?

Yes you do.

5. Is it possible to receive student or similar discounts using the new system?

You can present a document of proof (eg. student card) at Tali or Taivallahti info desk. After that, you will receive the appropriate discount when you book your next court using the system.

6. Will I get my money back, if I cancel my booking?

If you cancel your booking minimum of 24 hours before, you will get a full refund in form of credits. Credits can be used for the future bookings. If you cancel your booking less than 24 hours before, you will receive the credits only if the slot gets booked by someone else.

7. What devices are supported?

The booking system can be accessed using mobile devices, tablets or personal computers using any of the common internet browsers.

8. How far in advance can I book courts? How I can book courts for special events?

The booking system will allow you to book courts two weeks ahead. In case of special events, please contact Tali Tennis Center office, or