VIP facilities

Tali and Taivallahti both offer excellent facilities for meetings and VIP events.


VIP facilities in Tali

The club and cabinet rooms can be used for group events. In the club room it is possible to organize larger meetings, as the space can accommodate up to 60 people. The cabinet can seat up a maximum of 16 people. There are two saunas, which can be connected to the cabinet space. Food and drinks can be ordered for all events from Tali Tennis Bistro.

Tali facilities:

  • Club room (max. 60 persons)
  • Cabinet (max. 16 persons)
  • Sauna (2)

Marita Inberg
050 307 8461


VIP cabinet in Taivallahti

From casual events to business meetings, Tennis Club Taivallahti is the perfect venue to host your next event. The VIP cabinet is connected to private shower and sauna facilities. After sauna it is possible to cool off on the terrace.

Tennis Club Taivallahti offers different catering options for your VIP event. You can also ask about barbecue possibilities.

The cabinet:

  • Meeting room (max. 20 persons)
  • Sauna and shower facilities (6-12 persons)
  • Outdoor terrace (max. 20 persons)

Taivallahden customer service
09 477 0490