Tennis Pro Shops and racket care

Get a grip… and maybe new strings as well? Tali and Taivallahti Pro Shops offer both assistance in choosing a new racket/accessories and maintenance of your current racket. Tapio “Tapsa” Nurminen and his team will help you in Taivallahti. In Tali, Osku, Kallu and personnel at the info desk will be at your service.

Tali Pro Shop 

In Tali you will find a variety of products from different Tennis brands such as Wilson, Head and Babolat. Professionals will restring your tennis, badminton or squash rackets and also pick you the best possible strings to go with you playing style.

Tali Pro Shop
Tali customer service, 09 565 6050

Racket restringing
Rauno “Rane” Hirvinieni and co-workers.

Tennis Club Taivallahti

”Tapsa will take care of it – he knows what strings and tension to use”, says a regular customer. Any questions related to tennis rackets and equipments can be asked from Tapsa.

Tapio Nurminen
0400 138 509