Physical Training

Physical training services provided by our partners.


Physiotherapy Teramus is a family business founded in 1994.

We specialize is sports physiotherapy, rehabilitation and further prevention of injuries.


PIRPAVITA Oy is located in Tali Tennis Center. We work with clients in need of rehabilitation but also with professional athletes. In our work we use PirpaVita approach developed by Pirpa during the years as a coach and professional athlete.


Fibaco is physical training center full of experts in physiotherapy and physical coaching. The key point in Fibaco’s coaching is individuality and comprehensive thinking that guarantee effective, high-class and certain way to achieve your goals. Fibaco’s ambition is to get every person to move but also to teach and improve rehabilitation clients, amateur- and professional athletes practice and health progressively with personal instructions. Our diverse guidance consists of training- and nutrition programs as well as clients areas of development, goals, hobbies and health background.