Indoor Cups

Indoor Cups are the perfect way to improve your tennis and make new friends. Indoor Cup levels range from beginner to advanced. Playing in the Cups is free of charge and does not require membership of a tennis club. The only cost comes from the court fees. Choose the one that fits you the best!

Gentlemen’s Cup and Ladies Cup 

All players, regardless of game level, are welcome to join the popular Gentlemen’s Cup (men) or Ladies Cup (women). Matches are played all year around in Tali Tennis Center.

In addition to singles, it is possible to take part in fun doubles, women’s doubles and mixed doubles. The mixed doubles are for players with a combined age of 100-129 years. 

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Jermo Cup and Taivis Cup

Taivallahti hosts men’s Jermo Cup and women’s Taivis Cup, where you meet opponents according to your skill level and gain match experience in a fun way. 

There is approximately one match per week. The match lists for both cups are visible in Tennisässä. 

Challenge yourself, improve your match skills and make new friends!

Rules and more information